Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Proper Android maintenance #1 - Do Not Clear the Recent Apps List | NGUdbhav

The start of my blog marks with the clearance of a confusion every android user has (excuse me for my gender discrepency) in his mind.
Almost every android user has a perception in his mind that clearing  the recent applications list actually closes the running application and it saves battery's time and life. Ok! Just relax! If you are standing then please sit down somewhere to successfully resist from the shock that doing all this reduces battery time and imparts a heavy load on the processor of the device. Don't worry, I have my justification. So let's get started: -
Imagine you are typing a letter in notepad. You want to continue  with your work later. Normally, a person would save his/her work and close notepad. Now, if it automatically closes or by mistake, you close it without saving, what's gonna happen? Apart from abusing yourself and the system, obviously, you will have to restart your full effort.
When you close an application on your android device, it creates an entry in the recent applications list. The processor of the phone has now saved the initial start up processes of your tasks somewhere in the RAM and terminated the program. If you now clear the entry, the processor is forced to remove the information of the start up it has previously saved. Now, if you start the same program again, the processor will now start it from zero level, thereby imparting a heavy load on processor and consuming more battery in the time taken to open it. Talking about the case of minimization, the APP is, no doubt, running in the background but when your system feels that work can be saved and application can be terminated, the ATK program of your phone kills that task saving the startup information. So whenever you are required to open the task again, it is not opened from the zero level.
The ATK program is basically Auto Task Killer. It comes into action when the latest processes require RAM storage for functioning and the required memory is not available. ATK program knows which tasks are important and which are not.
So now, if you are clearing the tasks, think twice.
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Next article would explain the task of battery saving apps such as DU Booster, CCleaner etc. So, Stay tuned!
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